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How to Terminate BNC and RCA Connectors To RG59 CCTV Cable ?

Learned something from technician on how to terminate RCA and BNC connectors to the COAX cable.

This coacial cable is used in the installation of CCTV Cameras and DVR Systems. One cute little DVR package here.

I tried what I learned and sort of documented it for posting here. Of course, every technician or an engineer has his own technique (don’t you love that word?) so no system is perfect. Of course2, we can dig the Electrical Engineering Wiring code but hey, what I saw from this technician who demoed the stuff, made sense.

Unless Alessandro Volta haunt my BNC-RG59-RCA connection, this will hold and this is the process that I’ll follow. Besides, I tested my 5 co-ax cable made last night, and all were good. Videos are clear (including the night vision camera). Very nice for those who’d love to have their own glorious sex scandal.

Pictures below…

The BNC Connector.

Strip the co-ax cable. About an inch (depends on your BNC Connector). Also strip the dielectric insulator (white one) about 3/16″ of inch. Collect or twist the braided copper (wire) to a single strand. That is the ground.

Clamp the copper ground using a long nose tool or ordinary pliers.

Solder the thin wire to the BNC connector.

Normally, there is a rubber insulator to be placed after the solder is made. But, it’s more recommended to electrically tape it. Tape doesn’t go places unlike that of the plastic.

Insert the connector barrel. Sometimes, this barrel needs crimping. In my sample, this is the screwed type.

Finally, put an electrical tape to seal the connection. Protection on grounds and added integrity of connection.

Same steps with that of the RCA Connector’s end. Only, it will end as shown in the pic above.

There you go, RG-59 Cable – RCA & BNC connection learned from the actual installer of CCTV Systems, and not from the book.

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